Interdisciplinary Studies at DMA include environmental and nutritional education for students, along with our enrichment program.  We believe that these studies are an integral part of everything we do and are essential in providing our students with a well-rounded education.

We introduce our students to the various facets of the sustainability paradigm throughout their education by integrating environmental literacy, social responsibility and sustainability materials into core and extracurricular subjects. Our goal is to reduce apathy, and instill attitudes and skills required to be positive change agents for the society. We want our students to develop an:

  • Increased sense of responsibility and care for the future of society,
  • Increased belief that they can make a difference, and an
  • Increased willingness to participate in solving societal and environmental problems.

We also strive to implement principles of Circular Economy into our classrooms and the day to day running of our school. 

At the core of all of our environmentally conscious efforts exist the virtues of beauty, kindness, respect, stewardship, and wonder towards the environment.  These core virtues guide us in the creation, organization, implementation and integration of the following individual yet interconnected perspectives at Del Mar Academy.

Some of our efforts include:

Ecological Blue Flag Program

Every year, Del Mar Academy participates in the Ecological Blue Flag Program. This program awards a highly respected and recognized national eco-label called the Blue Flag. Blue Flags are awarded to schools that meet strict criteria with regard to everything from water quality to environmental education programs.

Guardians of Nature

Children from toddler through 5th grade have the Guardian of Nature hour every week. An intense hour of eco-literacy and action towards preserving our precious home. 

Environmental Theme of the Year

Every year our teachers and students choose an Environmental Theme which is interlinked in everything we do. The theme is launched by a presentation to all students and from there it gets imbedded in every class and special activity throughout the year. In the Spanish class for example, the children do essays around this theme, in the art classrooms they do a drawing contest related to this theme, and in this same way any teacher can relate it to their subject.  We wrap up the environmental theme of the year during our Environmental Festival. 

Empowerment/Creation of Campaigns

We empower our students to take initiatives to address the urgent environmental concerns within the community. 

Celebration of World Environment Day

World Environment Day (June 5) is celebrated in a very special way at Del Mar Academy. Every school year we begin preparations  for this celebration on the first day of classes. 

Community Service

DMA’s Community Service Program includes environmental projects performed by all grade levels. Tree planting, collection of recyclables within the Nosara community, preparing environmental education materials and activities for local schools, beach cleaning, as well as other projects are some of the activities and events in which our students participate during the school year.

Recycling and Organic Compost

Our recycling program give children first-hand experience with the importance of preserving the earth’s resources and proper disposal for re-use. Students produce organic compost with all the organic waste generated at our school.  In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible, the school also attempts to purchase items that are made from recycled materials.

Eco fieldtrips and Nature Expeditions Program

Over a dozen day trips and ten overnight trips provide students with a rich, ecological and geographically diverse variety of experiences from kayaking in mangrove swamps, to tidepools and rocky intertidals to rainforest and volcano peaks that make Costa Rica´s biodiversity our best classroom. Students take field trips within the Nosara District to learn about their immediate surroundings – the dry forest, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, mangrove forests, freshwater river and lagoons are some exmaples. We take field trips a variety of nature reserves within the Guanacaste province, in the central volcano region and even to the Caribbean coast.

Permaculture garden

Our garden on Del Mar’s campus uses circular economy and permaculture principles, while actively involving students, teachers, parents, community members and local experts. 

Zero Waste Events

Del Mar Academy Events have the goal of being ZERO WASTE or as close to this goal as possible. We use reusable glasses and banana and almendro leaves to serve finger foods. At the end of any event we expect a minimum amount of waste, dominated by organic residue.