Nature is our classroom!

Taking advantage of Costa Rica´s amazingly diverse ecosystems,  Del Mar Academy offers Field Trips and overnight Expeditions to locations as close as our campus jungle, local mangrove, rocky intertidal and sandy beaches to as far off as San Jose, the Nicoya peninsula, the National Parks in the Central Volcano region, and the Caribbean coast. 

 As our students grow older, the Field trips take them to distances farther away with overnight stays and challenging educational components – Earth University, Osa Peninsula and Cerro Chirripó  are some of the more challenging Field learning trips the older children have in their future. 

Right on our own campus the students can enjoy observing a colony of ants, tracking territorial iguanas, collecting species of aquatic organisms in streams and puddles, or observing the feeding and social behaviors of the resident packs of howler monkeys, and can even observe over three dozen species of birds that cohabit our campus.  

At Del Mar Academy, we are surrounded by nature’s classroom!