Fundraising &  Scholarship Committee:

The Fundraising and Scholarship committee Supports the schools efforts to raise funds for our capital campaign projects and scholarship programs.

Environmental Committee:

This group focuses on raising environmental awareness  at DMA and in our surrounding community. The committee focuses also on beach cleanups, water conservation strategies and school native tree nursery to support the Ecological Blue Flag Program at school. 

Community Service Committee: 

Members within this group work with DMA teachers on classroom community service projects and fundraise money for the community on behalf of DMA.

Schoolwide Events Committee: 

Every year, DMA hosts events such as the Welcome back beach party, Winter break celebration, the Faculty gratitude barbecue , the Creative Arts talent show, the Sports field day, CREW trimester competition, and others.  The Committee supports and organizes these events working alongside the administration, students and faculty.

Social Committee:

The welcome and social committee hosts events aimed at fostering an enhanced sense of community and fun, especially helping new families at DMA feel a sense of connectedness and participation.

Del Mar Academy