Special Education

Del Mar Academy admits students with a variety of skills, strengths and talents, including children with cognitive and behavioral differences. The school makes every effort to provide students with a rich and differentiated curriculum that is adaptable to a variety of learning needs. Students in need of more significant learning support with special education needs, are accepted on a case by case basis, as we do NOT possess the specialist educators necessary to support the entire range of special education needs. If extra staffing or testing is required to support the child´s success, and his integration into the classroom, the cost of these services is passed on to the parents. Del Mar Academy will, to the best that its human resources may allow, provide Special Education accommodations as per IEP´s or similar prior adjustments to the learner´s special identified needs. 

Second Language 

We are proud that Del Mar Academy is a bilingual school – Spanish and English are used interchangeably and most of our students graduate with a Bilingual IB Diploma. Students with limited English or Spanish may be admitted to Del Mar Academy, but in 4th – 12th grades, after second language acquisition classes are required (at an additional fee) until the child reaches academic competence in both of these languages. Our Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses run in parallel to the regular Spanish Humanities and English Humanities grade level courses. Additional Spanish “Initio IB’ classes, for student entering the IB Diploma program with limited or no Spanish training into 10th grade are also at extra tuition cost. 

After School Academic Support

An After School Academic Support program (AASP) is available, for extra fee, to those students needing extra homework or learning support. Students must sign-up for such support on a full trimester basis (no day to day sign-up). The program runs 3:10-4:20, and twice a week it focuses on STEM, while the other two other days it focus on Humanities. AASP is manned by our own teachers, who work with groups of students. AASP is NOT an individualized one-to-one tutoring program. AASP benefits from the on-campus internet and multimedia resources. Payment is via DMA at a rate of $15 usd per hour. 

DMA Tutors

Some of our faculty are willing to provide one-on-one tutoring for students that may benefit from such personalized support. DMA tutoring can occur on-campus – before school (7 – 7:55 am), after school (3:10 to 5 pm), or TBD times on weekends. Please reach out to executivesecretary@delmaracademy.com for a list of the currently available tutors. Please note that teachers CANNOT tutor their own students! Payment is directly to the tutor at a rate of $25 usd per hour.

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